Welcome to the era of the Enterprise ChatBot. With advances in AI and our love of messaging applications, it’s not surprising that ChatBots are becoming a natural part of the internet landscape. People are getting used to visiting websites and being instantly greeted with a ChatBot asking “How can I help you today?”.

What is a ChatBot?

Essentially, a ChatBot is artificial intelligence (AI) software that talks to your customers, either through auditory or textual methods. It is a Question and Answer system based on what a user types or says. The ChatBot uses a combination of machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to formulate responses.

Broken down into a simple three-step process, it looks something like this:

Step 1 – The user asks a question (verbally or typed).
Step 2 – The ChatBot analyses the request to discover user intent and extract data.
Step 3 – Once the intent is identified the ChatBot composes an appropriate response.

With NLP and the sophistication of modern ChatBots, it can be difficult for customers to differentiate between a ChatBot and a real person.

ChatBots for Business

Why use ChatBots for business purposes? There are many reasons.

ChatBots are an efficient, cost-effective way to automate requests and transactions. One of the main reasons customer service ChatBots are so popular is because they can manage the basic and monotonous requests on your customer service channel, freeing up your staff to handle more complex tasks or enquiries.

As a result, interactions are more streamlined, user engagement is improved, and the overall customer experience is enhanced. ChatBots are also available 24/7, providing a fast and convenient service around the clock.

ChatBots can also be applied to assist internal systems and processes, providing greater efficiency and ease of use for your staff.

Here are some example tasks a ChatBot can perform to demonstrate how they could help your business: 

  • Provide answers to repetitive or routine inquiries

This could be simple customer enquiries such as, “Where is my order?” or “What promotions or specials do you have this week?”, that takes time and resource pressure off your staff.

  • Coordinate activities or information

From checking stock or resource availability and bookings to pulling information from multiple systems to answer a more sophisticated customer question, these internal business tasks can be handled with the help of a ChatBot.

  • Provide consistent interactions and customer experiences

People have good and bad days and are subject to human error; ChatBots, on the other hand, will give the same answer every time. This means your customers are given consistent answers and experiences, so they don’t get the runaround or are tempted to engage in “opinion shopping”. ChatBots also respond immediately, so there are no variations in how long the customer has to wait.

  • Route inquiries to humans

A ChatBot can work out what sort of inquiry a customer is asking, then route the request to the right person in the organisation. If a ChatBot can’t understand the question, it can also pass the customer directly to a person who can help them.     

  • Manage high contact or spike volumes

ChatBots can handle tens of thousands of inquiries at the same time. This ability means you can use them during seasonal volumes or major events without the need to hire large quantities of staff.

  • Provide a new way for your employees to interact with your internal systems.

ChatBots can help your employees with simple everyday tasks such as reserving conference rooms and recording expenses, etc. and also help to interact with large and complicated internal systems without any user training. Simplifying and speeding up internal systems provides your business with greater efficiency and consistency. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the application of ChatBots for businesses and the benefits they provide. If you want to deliver seamless customer experiences while increasing your efficiency and lowering your costs, then an Enterprise ChatBot could be your answer. 

Are you ready to implement a ChatBot in your business? Take our interactive quiz to see if ChatBot & AI technology could transform your customer service. 

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