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Respond to your customers 24/7, without the 24/7 headaches

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Faster more efficient customer service

Customers and employees now expect (and often need) to be able to interact with your organisation at any time of the day or night, on whatever channel is the most convenient for them, in real time. This can lead to unusual and unpredictable loads on your contact centre or service desk. This can make staffing difficult and/or expensive or result in long wait times and frustration for your customers. Tools such as online chat can help reduce the amount of incoming calls, but they still require you to predict and manage communication volumes and require competencies such as good written skills, and so, at best, provide modest efficiency gains.

Whilst some organisations have been able to close the gap with offshore call centres, these come with their own set of challenges including privacy and data security concerns, reliable telecommunications and consistency and training of staff who are representing your organisation.

Digital assistants, or enterprise ChatBots, provide a completely new approach that can enable your organisation to automatically respond to inquiries instantly, consistently and on a 24/7 basis. These programs are designed to interact with your customers in a conversational style using textual or auditory methods via a range of channels including popular social media and messaging apps, consumer devices, SMS or voice/telephone channels if required. This allows you to service your customers faster and at less cost and frees up your hard-working contact centre team to take the calls that matter most.

Sophisticated inquiry handling using Machine Learning

Our enterprise digital assistant offerings involve state-of-the-art, fully integrated, artificial intelligence capabilities that enable the digital assistant to learn from conversations (as well as be trained). This ensures customers consistently get the right answers or advice, regardless of how they ask the question. This also includes handling complaints, abuse and irate customers, something your staff may not always be equipped or willing to deal with. Where the digital assistant can’t understand a question you also have the option to hand the conversation over to your team to keep the customer engaged.

Simplify processes for your customers and your people

A key feature of enterprise digital assistants is the ability to talk to your back-office systems whether it be looking up a customer record, placing an order or searching a knowledge base, and tie these separate systems or processes into a seamless experience for your customers or your employees. Magia has extensive experience in designing conversation flows and integrating digital assistants into your applications, making these processes seamless.

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“Through our partnership with Magia, the University of Tasmania have delivered significantly improved customer experience, empowered our customer service team and increased student recruitment and retention. Magia’s understanding of our business needs, solution expertise and flexibility has allowed us to roll out best of breed Oracle solutions that achieve our business goals seamlessly.”

Richard Eccles, Associate Director at University of Tasmania

“Magia Solutions assisted Curtin in delivering a streamlined and highly personalised student and internal business experience. Magia’s understanding of the higher education industry in addition to their experience delivering seamless and optimised business solutions via the Oracle SaaS & PaaS suite has been invaluable in realising our vision for our staff and our customers.

Peter Van Schie, Manager Digital User Experience & Insights at Curtin University




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