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Seamless Industry Solutions

Magia provides innovative, seamless business solutions to a range of industries. Although every business is unique, we find that businesses in the same industry typically have common needs and problems and are often seeking similar outcomes.

Read more below about the business needs we encounter and the problems we commonly solve for businesses within various industries. You may find some of the needs and issues apply to your business. Get in touch and Magia’s team will work with your business to find a creative, seamless and efficient solution to enhance the outcomes you provide to your customers.

Transport & Logistics

Our business partners in this low-margin, highly competitive industry are typically looking to:

  • Offer a seamless, contemporary customer experience
  • Find efficiencies in their sales team activity
  • Easy access to centralised & intuitive analytics on customer data
  • Simplify and speed up customer quotation services
  • Optimise and simplify business processes
  • Demonstrate a competitive edge in the market

Magia understands these needs and collaborates with our customers in the transport and logistics industry to provide a strategic path to deliver these outcomes in a structured and meaningful way. We focus on providing maximum return on investment as early as possible, balancing the priority of business needs with the effort required to deliver a tailored solution.

Some of the solutions Magia has delivered to our transport and logistics customers include a modernised and optimised workforce, state of the art customer information management & reporting, globally scalable eCommerce platforms, real-time quotation services on the road and, most importantly, an amazing customer experience.

Ask us to today to see some examples of how we have delivered seamless, elegant solutions in the Transport & Logistics industry.

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Higher Education

Magia has emerged as the preferred provider of advisory, implementation and support services to Australian universities. The higher education industry is undergoing a period of substantial change and challenge, here are some of the common issues we see our customers contending with:

  • Standing out in a saturated market
  • Driving growth in acquisition of future students
  • Delivering a smooth, intuitive and contemporary student experience
  • Ensuring accurate, single view of students, past, present & future
  • Attracting and engaging with international students

Magia has engaged with Australian universities across the country and provided a broad range of services, ranging from strategic advisory and marketing outreach strategy, through to implementation of strategic solutions and reliable support services for the solutions that support the needs of the university.

We have worked with our higher education customers to replace outdated future student acquisition methods and systems with internally managed, low-cost solutions with proven metrics and a clearly quantifiable Return on Investment. We have delivered consolidated student management and knowledge management solutions, as well as a variety of innovative student engagement channels such as chatbots and virtual assistants.

Magia’s higher education customers have been awarded in a number of areas, including innovation, for the initiatives on which we have collaborated.

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Magia has a long history of working with local, state and federal governments to deliver seamless business solutions internally, for their suppliers and most importantly, for the tax/ratepayers, which is all of us!

Given the diversity, depth and breadth of requirements across all of government, we have grouped a broad outline of the challenges and solutions at a high level which Magia provides to government:

  • Offer government customers a seamless, contemporary experience
  • Deliver cost-savings via back-office efficiencies
  • Simplify & optimise the ease with which the public can engage
  • Meet changes in government legislation in a rapid timeframe
  • Optimise and simplify business processes
  • Reduce maintenance costs & simplify internal process

Magia has provided solutions to a large number of local governments, state government departments and federal government agencies across Australia and has proven understanding of how these businesses operate, the challenges they face and how to apply technology to achieve seamless business outcomes.

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Magia was the first Australian company to implement the current Oracle Cloud-Based eCommerce business solution. We delivered a robust, scaleable solution for a major global organisation providing medical supplies to a significant portion of the Australian market. Through this experience, we have developed a sound understanding of the challenges faced today in the retail industry for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) enterprises:

  • Keeping pace with global retail leaders like Amazon
  • The importance of clear, meaningful analytics and smart customer data
  • The importance of an intuitive, personalised, smooth and simple customer experience
  • The criticality of efficient supply chain logistics
  • Agility and an ability to pivot to meet the market
  • Meaningful inclusion of technologies like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for example, Chatbots.

Magia has proven its mettle in delivering these critical needs to the retail market globally in Australia and globally. We understand your needs and constraints and, more importantly, the needs and trends of the customers and businesses you work with. Talk to us today to discuss how we can help give your business the competitive edge in the market.

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Magia, being a Western Australian company in business for 20 years, has a deep foundation in mining. Three of our four directors have worked in mining with decades of experience between them, and we have been servicing our long standing mining customers over 10 years. Some of the challenges we have helped mining companies with include:

  • The focus is on maintainable lowering of costs, without impacting productivity or safety;
  • Ongoing rebalancing of supply and demand;
  • Optimise preventative maintenance and leverage tech like IoT and big data to preemptively schedule maintenance;
  • Keep back office costs of staff and operation to a minimum;
  • Find efficiencies in field operations;
  • Leverage low-cost, outsourced systems support; and
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to improve productivity;

Magia has delivered innovative, cost-effective, seamless business solutions to the mining sector consistently over a period of ever-improving technology and ever-changing market conditions. We collaborate with our partners in Mining to ensure maximum benefit is realised in the shortest time possible.

We have implemented and supported ERP, back office solutions, migrated to the cloud, delivered innovative solutions, optimised field team performance, delivered enhanced supply chain and supply/demand planning as well as delivering a consistent, flexible and reliable support model to our mining customers over the years.

Talk to Magia today about how our experience in delivering seamless business solutions in the mining sector can optimise your business.

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Magia has delivered efficiencies into this unique industry in power, water and wind utilities around Australia. In our experience, utilities are typically seeking to:

  • Deliver an ever-improving, efficient, seamless customer experience, including chatbots
  • Find efficiencies in their field operations
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to improve productivity
  • Improve employee mobile offerings for seamless, efficient operations
  • Getting the most out of data & analytics and leveraging IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Sustainable cost-reduction across the board

Magia has understood these needs and collaborated with our customers to provide a strategic path to deliver outcomes in a structured and meaningful way. We focus on providing maximum return on investment as early as possible, balancing the priority of business needs against the effort required to deliver a tailored solution.

Magia has delivered AI powered field service workforce optimisation tools, including offline accessibility which have delivered measurable efficiencies in this industry. We have moved customers to the cloud, implemented and maintained their ERP systems and developed systems to broker output between the grid and the market to maximise returns based on data analytics. Magia has also provided a seamless customer experience for utilities’ customers via enhanced chatbot experience to take care of common customer requirements.

Talk to Magia about how we can deliver the seamless solution your utilities business has been looking for today.

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“Through our partnership with Magia, the University of Tasmania have delivered significantly improved customer experience, empowered our customer service team and increased student recruitment and retention. Magia’s understanding of our business needs, solution expertise and flexibility has allowed us to roll out best of breed Oracle solutions that achieve our business goals seamlessly.”

Richard Eccles, Associate Director at University of Tasmania

“Magia Solutions assisted Curtin in delivering a streamlined and highly personalised student and internal business experience. Magia’s understanding of the higher education industry in addition to their experience delivering seamless and optimised business solutions via the Oracle SaaS & PaaS suite has been invaluable in realising our vision for our staff and our customers.

Peter van Schie, Manager Digital User Experience & Insights at Curtin University




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