Your employee experience has an impact on many areas of your business – productivity, workplace culture, staff retention and more. Just as you do with your customers, ensuring all the interactions your staff has with your business are seamless, efficient and positive is essential. If your employee experience is not up to scratch your business will pay a price through inefficient processes, frustrated or unhappy staff and potentially employee turnover.

Thankfully, technology can help. ChatBots can improve employee experience in many ways, from HR activities through to IT support and training, to make life easier for your employees and provide greater efficiencies for your business.

It is no surprise that the uptake for intelligent ChatBots and digital assistants is growing as businesses search for new ways to build a positive experience for employees in the workplace. Gen Z, millennial and digital native employees are internet savvy, well accustomed to messaging platforms and used to having information at their fingertips. Reading a manual or interacting with a human being often takes too long and they’d much rather interact with an intelligent ChatBot for instant answers and guidance.

We explore a few of the different ways ChatBots improve the employee experience, such as automating key processes, delivering answers quickly and managing training and skill development processes.

Answer questions

Human Resources (HR) is an area of business where intelligent HR ChatBots can add value. HR and Payroll staff are often inundated with basic queries and repeatedly address the same matters with different employees. Here, HR Chatbots can easily take up the slack.

ChatBots are available 24-7, allowing your employees to make enquiries at any time of day or night from any office, in any global location. They can provide clear and instant answers to many HR-related questions, such as, “How many holidays do I have left?” A conversational AI ChatBot, such as Oracle’s Digital Assistant gives your employees convenient, personalised interaction. Not only does this satisfy the desire for instant answers from your employees, it also frees up your HR staff for more valuable work.

IT is another department that can implement intelligent ChatBots to help improve the employee experience. Employees can ask questions through a secure interface such as desktop chat or SMS and quickly access the information or help they need – e.g. “I need to reset my password.”

Unlike consumer-grade solutions such as Google Home™ or Amazon Alexa™, enterprise Digital Assistants have highly sophisticated voice recognition technology that can understand complex sentences and industry or company-specific terms and acronyms.

Simplify processes

Employees can get advice and guidance from intelligent ChatBots on sensitive or complex processes (e.g. employee terminations, misconduct, performance management) and information can be communicated automatically through a discrete, self-service process. Complex forms and procedures can be digitised quickly and cheaply without investing in significant customisations or changes to your current systems. These provide you with cost savings, while alleviating any concerns employees may have when dealing with their sensitive data.

ChatBots can improve the employee experience by providing personalised notifications about updates to company policy, rewards and upcoming public holidays. This saves your employees from trawling through an intranet and doesn’t interfere with productivity levels.

Training and skill development

Training and skills development is of significant benefit to your business and your employees alike, but it can require a considerable investment. At the same time, following complicated training programs can be a stressful and cumbersome exercise for your employees. HR and team managers typically have to juggle a variety of programs to cater to employees in different roles and of different levels, so keeping on top of training and skills development can be very time consuming. ChatBots provide the capability to deliver your staff relevant and personalised training content, reducing the burden on your HR manager.

An intelligent ChatBot with natural language processing and machine learning abilities can integrate with your systems and is able to seamlessly guide your staff through their training programs without external intervention. This does away with the need for large training programs and support for staff. Not only does this ensure the process is cost-efficient for your business, but it also creates a more seamless experience for your employees.


As you can see, not only can ChatBots improve employee experience, but having an intelligent ChatBot as an integral part of the team provides many cost savings and process benefits for your business.

Automating cumbersome manual processes frees up HR staff to focus on strategic, high-value activities to improve the employee experience. This, in turn, creates a more positive work environment, happier employees and, ultimately, higher staff retention levels.

If you would like to find out more about how a ChatBot can help streamline your internal processes such as HR, book a time to speak with one of our ChatBot experts.

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