AI software has advanced to the point that we no longer need to employ a human being to answer all our customers’ questions through live messaging. Enterprise Customer Service ChatBots are taking customer service to the next level and there are many benefits for your business and your customers.

What is a Customer Service ChatBot?

A Customer Service ChatBot is a computer program that can communicate with a person via auditory or textual methods and is designed to interact with your customer in a conversational style. They can be used to answer simple questions “what time does your office open?” or deal with more complicated queries based on answers the customer gives.

At its simplest, a ChatBot is another interface to your systems and/or people. But, behind the scenes, there is a lot of smart technology and machine learning that enables the ChatBot to understand what your customers are asking, then talk to your systems to give them answers. The more your ChatBot talks with your customers the more intelligent, and therefore useful, they become to your business.

Since the ChatBot revolution is well underway and has been for a few years now, many businesses are wondering if they need one. There are plenty of reasons why the answer is ‘affirmative’. ChatBots are not just a response to the instant messaging revolution; they can also save your business a significant amount of time and money.

Here are the top ways Enterprise ChatBots can deliver value to your business and your customers.

Top Benefits for your BUSINESS

Customer Service ChatBots have a positive impact on a business’ bottom line because ChatBots are:

1. Always On – They can answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without making your people work night shifts.

2. Consistent – They reduce complaints by responding instantly and consistently, even in peak periods, without needing to hire and train backup customer service staff.

3. Efficient – They free up your customer service staff from answering routine or basic inquiries, so they can focus time on more complex questions or value-adding tasks.

4. Integrated – They provide customer service without needing to build a mobile app. ChatBots work across common messaging and social media platforms without complex integration.

5. Simple – They provide an easier way for your customers to interact with your processes and business systems. Customer Service ChatBots can simplify things by doing multiple steps and interacting with your systems on the customer’s behalf.

6. Industry Leading – They showcase your business as a technology leader and innovator.

a young man using a customer service chatbot on his mobile phone

Top Benefits for your CUSTOMERS

Customer Service ChatBots mean customers get a better customer service experience because ChatBots are:

1. Convenient – They are available 24×7 on people’s device of choice, this includes popular consumer devices such as Google Home or Apple Siri.

2. Fast – They give an instant response without customers having to wait on the phone or for an agent to become available.

3. Concise – They provide a succinct answer. There’s no need for customers to do multiple searches on your website, or read through lots of content to get to an answer.

4. Easy – They can complete multiple transactions or forms in a single session without customers having to enter data multiple times.

5. Multi-lingual – They can interact in the customer’s preferred language through real-time translation services.

Are You Ready to Implement an Enterprise ChatBot?

Implementing a ChatBot to improve your customer service will provide tangible benefits for your business and for your customers.

ChatBots are a new way of communicating to improve the customer service foundations you’ve put in place and to keep communication consistent. Keeping your customers happy is vitally important if you want your business to be successful. It is especially important as your business grows or goes through a busy period, to keep customers engaged and take the pressure off existing staff.

ChatBots are also a cost-effective solution if you don’t wish to employ full-time staff for the sole purpose of talking to your customers. Why not let a Customer Service ChatBot do that for you?

If you’re interested in finding out if your business can be transformed by Enterprise Customer Service ChatBots, take our interactive quiz to learn more.

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