Curtin University has recently been named an ABA100 Winner for Digital CX Management in the Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Awards honour organisations which demonstrate the core values of business innovation, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, experience management, business sustainability, product and technology innovation.

The ABA award for Digital CX Management recognises organisations that have achieved outstanding results through initiatives that demonstrate excellence in digital customer experience.

Magia has completed several solutions for Curtin University, and it was our work on Curtin’s Experience Management Ecosystem (EME) which contributed towards the Digital CX Management award. The EME was an initiative undertaken by Curtin’s Digital User Experience & Insights team (DUE&I) to streamline the university’s digital channels, as well as create an improved – and most importantly, consistent – digital student experience across all the university’s digital channels.

The CX Challenge 

 Curtin University has more than 60,000 students spread across six campuses in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Mauritius. Its student portal (OASIS) has 42 million unique page views a year, of which more than nine million is mobile traffic.

In developing its EME Curtin sought to create a superior student digital experience and provide ease of access to the tools, information and applications a student needs to be successful.

The particular challenge Magia helped solve was in encouraging people to ‘self-serve’ and use the system knowledge base. While some users attempt to find an answer to their question by searching the system, if this info isn’t immediately apparent and directly at user’s fingertips, many go to the contact form and submit a query to get the answer from a person. This requires allocating staff to manually answer queries that are often fairly straight forward.

The Solution

Magia implemented a new version of the contact form designed to encourage users to self serve rather than submitting a question which requires a staff member to respond. Self serving allows users immediate satisfaction to their question and reduces the load on staff members to answer the more run-of-the-mill queries.

Magia’s solution involved asking the user to select the topic (or product) that their question related to which then presented knowledge articles linked to that topic. The user could then read the articles and decide whether or not they wanted to continue submitting their question. This new process encouraged users to solve their own problems, while still allowing those who couldn’t self serve to submit a question.

Some topics would direct the user to other areas of the University to ensure they reached the right area.

The technologies used were customer portal custom widgets hooking into the standard products/categories and using Oracle Service Cloud reports to display answers. The topics and behaviours are configurable by business users.

Digital CX Results in a Snapshot

Traffic and views to FAQs increased, and ‘didn’t find it helpful’ numbers decreased. Out of 7,100 visitors to the page between 1 January and 26 February 2019, 5,500 did not submit a question as they were able to find an answer using the knowledge base or were directed elsewhere. Results in a snapshot:

  • 24-hour enquiry resolution increased from 25% to 73%

  • FAQs viewed rose to 45,000 from 10,500, reducing calls received by 10%

  • 7,100 visits to the online form, showing 5,500 users were deflected through the content pop-up and only 2,508 enquiries were lodged between 1 January to 26 February 2019.

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